Welcome To Lake Hills


Lap Swimming

Lap swimmers will have one lane open during team practices and masters classes.  Lap swimming is limited to 6 am to 8 pm this summer due to the extreme heat and need to run the aerator.  Swimmers cannot be in the pool while the aerator is on.

Splashers Practice Schedule:

Beginning May 26, 2022, week day practices will be 8 am to 12 noon.  Additional practices have been added on MW from 7-7:45 for the next three weeks (through June 22), but a lane will be left open for lap swimmers during that practice.
Masters Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 am.
Please see the calendar on the website for swim meet dates at the Lake Hills pool.

2022 Pool Hours

The pool will open for swimming to the public beginning on May 7, 2022 at 2pm! The pool hours will be as follows:

May 7 -May 29, 2022
Monday-Friday, Closed
Saturday/Sunday: 1pm-8pm
*May 7, 2pm open due to Splashers meet.

May 30-August 14, 2022
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 1pm-8pm
*June 3, pool closes at 3:30pm for Splashers meet.

August 15-September 25
Friday: 6pm-8pm
Saturday/Sunday: 1pm-8pm

All members must show their gate card to the pool staff, and both members and their guests must sign in before entering the swimming pool area. Members are allowed 20 guests per year.

All members and their guests must comply with the association’s rules. Please click here to view the updated pool rules.

Annual Meeting Results

Thank you for participating in 2021 LHCA Annual Voting!  We had a new record 161 ballots submitted!
  • Members re-elected Shane Hesson, Darla White, and Ashley Applewhite!
  • Members also increased initiation for new members by $200, and increased membership dues by $100.
  • All other proposed higher increases failed.
  • The proposals to add properties to the park boundary also failed.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month unless otherwise scheduled and announced.  Currently, they are being held outside of the clubhouse to follow local Covid meeting ordinances.

Golf Cart Registration

Golf cart registration is new for 2021.  Please see the rules and get the waiver here.

2022 Membership Packet were Mailed in March

The 2022 vehicle stickers were mailed to all renewed members mid-March.  If you have any questions or updates to vehicles, please email [email protected].  If you do not receive emails from Lake Hills, please request a login on this website.  Once you establish that login and are approved, you will be added to the distribution list.

Vehicle Updates & Verification

In order to register any new vehicles, you will need to send the vehicle information including the license plate along with the insurance card for ownership verification to [email protected].  We will only issue stickers to vehicles that have been verified.  A photo of the insurance card or a pdf file is sufficient.  Please include the license plate with the insurance card to speed up processing.

Lake Hills Park Information

The Lake Hills Park Association is one of the most effective and successful community associations in Austin providing its members with a beautiful lakeside park, a guarded swimming pool, a boat ramp and docks, a roped beach area, all in a friendly, safe environment with many other recreational amenities. Established in 1959, the LHPA has steadily improved the community’s quality of life by providing one of the friendliest neighborhood parks in all of Austin.


Maintain the integrity of membership rolls by not providing security gate cards, parking stickers or kayak/canoe stickers to non-members, unless previously arranged with the LHPA management company for renters, under penalty of forfeiture of membership, no refunds.

Park Rules

  • Leash all dogs.
  • Use trash barrels for litter.
  • Refrain from offensive language.
  • Use only non-glass containers.
  • Treat park employees with respect.
  • Reserve boat launch area for launching only.
  • Swim in designated areas only.

Home of the Splashers Swim Team

The Lake Hills Splashers team trains and hosts its home meets at the Lake Hills Park swimming pool.  Participating in the Austin Hills Swim League, the team was formed over 25 years ago, and has grown to approximately 175 swimmers, ages 5-17.  For more information, click here.