Clubhouse Rental

LHCA Clubhouse Rental–Reservation Process and Approved Use

Please consider renting the clubhouse for birthday parties and other special occasions.

The rate is $200 for a 4-hour rental of the clubhouse.   Set up may begin 30 minutes prior to the event, and tear-down and cleanup may continue for 30 minutes following the event.

A $100 security deposit is required of all renters of the clubhouse. This security deposit will be refunded if the clubhouse is found to be in a clean and orderly condition following your event.

Renters must mail two checks, one for the rental fee and one for the security deposit, to LHCA, P.O. Box 92649, Austin, TX 78709. The security deposit will be held until the event has concluded and the premises have been inspected. If the clubhouse is not damaged and is cleaned adequately, the security deposit check will be mailed back to the renting party. If damage resulting from your use of the facility is discovered or additional cleaning is required, the security deposit will be applied to these costs. The renter will be held financially responsible for any damage or cleanup costs that exceed the amount of the security deposit.

All paying renters of the clubhouse will receive by mail, from the LHPA management company, 10 one-day non-member parking passes for the auxiliary lot (located East of the swimming pool). These will be mailed upon receipt of the rental fee and security deposit (allow one week turn around).

Absolutely NO CONFETTI or GLITTER. Use of these will result in forfeiture of your security.

Only one security deposit check in the amount of $100 is required of members who rent the clubhouse and the pool jointly. However, pool rental fees and clubhouse rental fees must be submitted by separate check.

Amenities include kitchen (refrigerator, sink, microwave and bar height counter), tables and chairs. The big screen TV may be used under adult supervision only.

No company parties can be held at the Park or the Clubhouse.