Welcome To Lake Hills

Dear LHCA Members,

Things have changed quickly here in Travis County over the past few weeks.  We are adjusting to the new way of life along with our neighbors and friends and wishing you all continued good health.  On March 24th the County Judge of Travis County, Sarah Eckhardt, signed a new order intended to slow the spread of COVID-19.  This order forces the closure of all non-essential business operations, prohibits all public and private gatherings outside a household or residence and limits travel.  The county is also soliciting reports of any violations to this order.  Order details are available at https://traviscountytx.gov/images/docs/200314-gathering-order.pdf

The board takes this situation seriously.  Our first obligation on the board is to make sure we do not endanger folks at our park, both members and staff.  We will not put them in a dangerous situation unnecessarily.  In anticipation of this declaration, the Lake Hills Park Board made the unanimous decision to close our park including all facilities inside the vehicle and pedestrian gates.  Unfortunately, this includes the pool, playground, ball courts and boat ramp.  This decision was made to limit the risk to our park from reported violations of this order, and to protect our neighborhood.  Over the past few days, we have heard from members in support and opposition to this decision, and we sympathize with any inconvenience folks are feeling.  We would love to be able to use the park too.

Local authorities we have spoken to encouraged us to keep the park closed as they are working to lock down similar facilities.  The most recent update from Travis County Parks lists the other boat ramps and parks which are now closed to the public.  Large parks with trails may remain open since people can maintain significant distance between themselves and other visitors, but all facilities/bathrooms/playgrounds/boat ramps are being closed along with any small parks.  https://parks.traviscountytx.gov/news/2020/118-covid-19-preparedness

We understand your disappointment and are working through this unexpected situation as best we can given the circumstances.  Keep in mind this is a volunteer board and each member has their own jobs, elderly family members and children which demand their time and care.

We collaborate on communications so we can respond to members quickly, and encourage you to use [email protected] to reach us.  We cannot monitor or respond to all requests made through other channels.  We will continue to respond as quickly as possible to any messages sent to this address.

–LHCA Board

[email protected]


2020 Stickers will be mailed the week of March 16

For all renewed members who have submitted vehicle updates and insurance cards for vehicle ownership verification, 2020 stickers will be mailed the week of March 23.   Due to COVID-19, there will not be a park pickup date this year.

There are still some members who have not paid.  If you intend to renew, don’t wait.  There are fewer than 10 spots open for 2020–when it’s full, membership will be closed and you will be asked to reapply for membership.  Folks have been invited off the waiting list.  The new rate for 2020 is $400 plus a $100 late fee.  You can look at your account history on this website to see if your payment was received.  Please log into your account to find that information.  Please do that prior to contacting CAM at [email protected] for verification of receipt.

Vehicle Updates & Verification:

In order to register any new vehicles, you will need to send the vehicle information including the license plate along with the insurance card for ownership verification to [email protected].  We will only issue stickers to vehicles that have been verified.  A photo of the insurance card or a pdf file is sufficient.  Please include the license plate.

Lake Hills Park Information

The Lake Hills Park Association is one of the most effective and successful community associations in Austin providing its members with a beautiful lakeside park, a guarded swimming pool, a boat ramp and docks, a roped beach area, all in a friendly, safe environment with many other recreational amenities. Established in 1959, the LHPA has steadily improved the community’s quality of life by providing one of the friendliest neighborhood parks in all of Austin.


Maintain the integrity of membership rolls by not providing security gate cards, parking stickers or kayak/canoe stickers to non-members, unless previously arranged with the LHPA management company for renters, under penalty of forfeiture of membership, no refunds.

Park Rules

Leash all dogs

Use trash barrels for litter

Refrain from offensive language

Use only non-glass containers

Treat park employees with respect

Reserve boat launch area for launching only

Swim in designated areas only

Board Meetings

The board meets at the clubhouse every third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

Home of the Splashers Swim Team

The Lake Hills Splashers team trains and hosts its home meets at the Lake Hills Park swimming pool.  Participating in the Austin Hills Swim League, the team was formed over 25 years ago, and has grown to approximately 175 swimmers, ages 5-17.  For more information, click here.