Inflatable Use Application

Before you place an inflatable for an event at the Lake Hills park, you MUST obtain permission through this application.  Members only are allowed to apply.

The following requirements must be met for the use of an Inflatable at the LHCA park:
(1) A deposit in the amount of $50 payable to LHCA must be mailed to PO Box 92649, Austin, TX  78709.  Once the check and eForm application are received, your event time will be put on the calendar if the date is available, and you will be notified.
(2) Proof of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 with LHCA listed as an additional insured must be provided, and a copy of the certificate must be present for viewing at all times during operation.  A copy must also be mailed with your check.
(3) The Inflatable shall not utilize water.
(4) Inflatables shall not exceed 20′ in any dimension (length, width, or height).
(5) Inflatables shall only be located in the area immediately to the East of the sand volleyball court, and must be kept a minimum distance of 5′ from the court.

As an exception to the guidelines established for Inflatables at the park, the Association is not required to conform to the requirements it imposes upon its membership, and it may, on special occasions, obtain and provide Inflatables for the benefit of the entire community which:
(1) are located in areas other than that designated for use by membership,
(2) use water, and
(3) exceed the specified size limitations.

The LHCA board may disconnect an Inflatable that is either unapproved, or does not conform to LHCA’s stated guidelines.