Welcome to the LHPA!

Membership Application

The Lake Hills Park Association is one of the most effective and successful community associations in Austin, providing its members with a beautiful lakeside park; a guarded swimming pool; a boat ramp and docks; a roped beach area; and a friendly, safe environment with many other recreational amenities. Established in 1959, the LHPA has steadily improved the community’s quality of life by providing one of the friendliest neighborhood parks in all of Austin.

LHPA members pay $550 per year as annual dues (new members and members returning after a more than one-year lapse also pay an initiation fee of $1200). Residents of this area can be accepted as LHPA members if they live in the 1990 Water District Boundary Map which can be viewed by clicking on Maps under About LHPA.

At this time, we are only allowing LHPA members to have Web site access where they can see more of what’s going on at the park and in the neighborhood as well as have view their account payment information and make payments. If you are a paid member and want to see more, request your log-in information to view all the new website functions.

If you are not a member, consider joining!  Fill out an application in the eForms and we’ll be in contact with you. The LHPA has a 450 member cap. The board has allowed an additional 10% above this cap for the past few years, taking the annual membership total to 495.

If you are a member and you leave us, please let us know so that we can send you a pro-rated refund of your membership dues!   Please notify Community Association Management to let them know you’re moving and would like a prorated refund.

Finally, the LHPA acknowledges that some residents in the Cuernavaca area have ‘deeded access membership’ for $250 per calendar year.  This membership provides you with a gate card to enter the parking lot and launch a boat. However, after launching their boat, they cannot park in the lot because they will not have a vehicle sticker, and we tow violators.  Deeded access allows foot access to the park only. You are not allowed to park in the parking lot or use the swimming pool. Those are privileges reserved for members who pay $550 each year.

The Lake Hills Community Association park is located at 3106 Edgewater Drive, but all correspondence should be sent to LHPA, P.O. Box 92649, Austin, TX 78709-2649.

For more information about membership, contact [email protected] with Community Association Management or call their office at 512.288.2376.

Click here for here for Bylaws.