Bylaws of the Lake Hills Community Association 2017


1.The name of the organization shall be the Lake Hills Community Association and will do business as the Lake Hills Park Association.

2.The function of the organization shall be to promote and protect the Park for the welfare of its members.


1. A person or household owning property inside the area served by Travis County Water Control and Improvement District #18 (formerly known as the CE-Bar Ranch and presently known as Lake Hills), as prepared June 27, 1990 and recorded in Travis County Plat Book Vol. 89, Pg. 86 (and existing members outside these boundaries), and modified and approved in 2011 by the membership, shall be eligible for membership in the Lake Hills Community Association and shall be entitled to one vote, except as provided in Item 2 of this Article.

a. A person or household residing but not owning property in the area described above as of June 27, 1990, may become a non-voting member by compliance with Item 2 of this Article.

b. Persons residing, renting, or leasing but not owning property within the Lake Hills Community Association boundaries may become eligible to vote at annual or special meetings of the association after five years of consecutive membership provided the property owner does not wish to exercise their right to vote for the property. The owner of the property however, may vote for that place ofresidency, even if the owner does not reside within the Lake Hills boundary. However, if the owner themselves is a member, or has other properties that arewithin the membership area, that owner can still only vote one time at annual or special general membership meetings of the association.

c. Members who divorce but stay within the membership boundaries (at different houses) are automatically entitled to membership status at their new residences without paying new member initiation fees.

d. Members who relinquish their membership in one year and rejoin the following year must go through the wait list, but are subject to a $150 rejoin fee (and not the $400 initiation fee), plus annual membership dues. It is the responsibility of the member wishing to rejoin to prove to the membership committee or management company that they were past members of the association.

e. Persons operating rental homes shall pay $150 to cover administrative costs (in addition to annual membership dues) for each time that new renter(s) occupy the property and require new security gate cards and stickers.

f. Failure to notify the management company of departing renter(s) will result in a $300 fee beingcharged to the property owner or removal of the property from membership roles.

2.Voting Members

a.)A voting member is a person or household owning property in the Lake Hills community and paying the annual fee, except as specified in Article III, and same shall be entitled to one vote at annual or special general membership meetings of the association.

b.)A non-voting member is a person or household residing (i.e. renting, leasing)within the Lake Hills community and paying annual dues.

c.)Memberships are non-transferable or sellable except in the case of a property-owning landlord who retains a membership for use of his/her tenants.

d.)In the event a member no longer qualifies for membership then they are required to inform the Lake Hills Community Association and surrender all decals and security gate access cards. Such members who comply with this provision will be refunded the pro-rata amount of their membership on the date that they no longer are eligible to be members.


1.The initiation fee for new members is $400.00.

a. New members also pay the pro-rata amount of the $350 membership fee beginning in the month after they are accepted as members. (E.g., If a member is accepted in March, they pay the pro-rata amount beginning in April, allowing for time for them to get their payment in to the management company and to have stickers and gate card returned to them.)

2. Membership dues shall be $350 per year per person or household as calculated from January 1 to December 31 of each year.

a. Billings for dues will begin in September of the year prior to the membership year.
b. Final payments will be due no later than January 31 of the actual membership year.
c. Members paying after February 1 will be assessed a $100 late fee.
d. Beginning February 1,the membership director may accept any and all members on the waiting list to fill any unpaid or partially paid membership positions.

3. No identification cards or car stickers will be issued until dues are paid in full.

4. Each active member will receive 20 guest passes per year for use at the pool. Additional guest passes may be purchased from the LHCA management company for $1 each, with 10 as minimum purchase amount. Unused guest tickets may be used in subsequent years by the member they were originally issued to.

5. Seniors 65 and older are exempt from payment of dues.
a. The senior must be the owner of, and reside in, the property that is within LHCA Boundaries.
b. New members must be a current paying member for no less than three (3) years before being eligible for Senior Membership.
c. Other members of the household who live in residence may be subject to payment of full dues, at the determination of the Membership director.

6. The membership cap will be 450 family memberships. Senior non-paying memberships will not count toward the cap. The Board at its discretion may admit new members up to a provisional 10 percent of the membership cap to account for the attrition of members during the calendar year.

7. During the course of the year, when membership is opened to new applicants by the Board, all applicants on the wait list will be notified at the same time,by the Membership director or the management company, within 7 days of the Board’s vote, of their opportunity to pay for membership.


The responsibilities of individual members will be to:

1.Pay annual membership dues for the fiscal year, January 1 through December 31,either in advance or in a manner agreed to by the membership committee.

2.Keep their vehicle registration information current with the LHCA's management company, for accurate administration of sticker parking privileges.

3. Be a courteous community representative at all times.

4.Be responsible for behavior of your guests

5.Be responsible and liable for the supervision and control of any pet brought into the park area.

6.Report vandalism and violations of rules to a member of the Board, Security Officer on duty, or to a law enforcement officer.

7.Observe the following lakefront rules:

leash all dogs

use trash barrels for litter

refrain from offensive language

use only non-glass containers

treat park employees with respect

reserve boat launch area for launching only

swim in designated areas only

8.Board members, security and pool personnel reserve the right to immediately suspend lakefront privileges of any membership observed in violation of the above responsibilities. After suspension, the membership will be given the opportunity to plead his/her case before the Board and a final ruling will be made at that time.

Violations of any of the above responsibilities may result in probation and possible conditions, suspension, or cancellation of membership as determined at a meeting of the Board. Reinstatement of suspended or canceled membership shall be determined at a meeting of the Board.

9.Maintain the integrity of membership rolls by not providing security gate cards, parking stickers or kayak/canoe stickers to non-members, unless previously arranged with the LHCA management company for renters, under penalty of forfeiture of membership, no refunds.

Violations of any of the above responsibilities may result in probation and possible conditions, suspension, or cancellation of membership as determined at a meeting of the Board. Reinstatement of suspended or canceled membership shall be determined at a meeting of the Board.


1. A Board of Directors shall exercise general supervision of the fiscal and physical plant affairs of the Park and strive to represent the desires of the members with regards to the operation of the Park.

2. The Board shall consist of seven voting members, divided into three classes of two, three and two, with one class to stand for reelection (or retire) at the annual meeting in October. At the annual meeting of the members of the Association new members shall be elected. The members shall be elected for a period of three years and shall serve with the remaining members from the previous Board.

3. In the case of the resignation, death, or other action rendering a Board member unable to serve, the remaining members of the Board shall elect a new member to temporarily fill the vacancy. At the first annual meeting following the date the Board member became unable to serve, members of the Association shall elect a new member to fill the remaining unexpired term.

4. Board members shall be replaced for reason of absence at Board meetings by missing:

i. Three consecutive regular Board meetings (not including any special meetings convened)

ii. Five meetings total in a Board calendar year of November-September.

5. No board member shall have the independent authority to conduct business on behalf of the board without the boards approval except in those matters performed under the direction of an officer or board approval.

6. The Board may conduct LHCA business by email and record votes in the monthly minutes of Board meetings.

7. Board members must comply and/or implement the decisions of a majority of the Board as conveyed by vote at a Board meeting.

i.Failure to comply or implement majority decisions of the Board requires immediate replacement of the Board member from their position as Director for Membership, Pool, Security, or Maintenance.

8. A Board member who signs the LHCA Disclosure of Interest policy and is determined, by Majority vote of the Board, to have failed to comply with said Disclosure may also be dismissed from the Board by majority vote of the Board.The Board member in question will not participate in the vote of determination or the vote of dismissal.

9. The primary function and responsibility of the Board is to serve as fiduciary for its members, maintaining the insurability of the park, the association and all its operations.

10. The Board shall not involve itself in matters external to the boundaries of the Park that do not directly affect the direct management or supervision of the Park.


1. The officers of the Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer (the offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined). At the discretion of 2/3 majority of the Board, a Reporter may be elected from the Board or from the membership.

2. The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

A. The President shall:

i.preside at meetings of the Board, annual meetings and any special meeting of the Association except at such time as the

President is absent, unable, or fails to preside;

ii.appoint, with the concurrence of a majority of the Board, the nominating committee;

iii. keep the membership apprised of current or future events which might have an effect on the community;

iv.prepare a written agenda for Board meetings, to be distributed to Board members prior to each meeting including meetings of the membership.

B. The Vice President shall:

i. serve in the absence, inability or failure to act on the part of the President;

ii.oversee and report to the Board activities of committees.

C. The Secretary Shall:

i. keep the minutes of Board and special and annual meetings;

ii. serve as corresponding secretary for the Association;

iii.cause to be published monthly all approved meeting minutes and notes of all Board and membership meetings and other items of interest to the community;

iv. serve as Treasurer as described in item D of this Article in the event that one person serves as Secretary and Treasurer of the Association.

D. The Treasurer shall:

i.maintain financial records of the Association according to acceptable practices;

ii.present, or cause to be presented, a current financial report to the Board at meeting of the Association;

iii. pay debts of the Association in a timely manner.

iv.Treasurer shall hire a bookkeeper or management company, subject to board approval, to be supervised by a licensed CPA located outside the 78733 area.

v. serve as Secretary as described in Item C above in the event that one person serves as Secretary and Treasurer;

vi. Present Association books as of December 31 of each year for verification by an independent CPA, subject to the discretion of the Board members, the verification may be either an audit or agreed upon procedures as defined by the AICPA. The Treasurer shall have no participation or vote in this decision.


1. The Board shall, from time to time, appoint such committees as it deems necessary to conduct the affairs of the Association in accordance with Article I of these bylaws.

Standing committees shall:

a) be appointed by the President with 2/3 majority of the Board

b) serve under the direction of the Board

c) consist of the following:

a. The Swim Team Committee, whose duties shall be to manage the swim team in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Board of Directors regarding issues which directly affect the park and LHCA members.

b. This committee will oversee the organizations finances and management of the team.

c. It will be required to communicate thoroughly including, but not limited to, a complete financial report with the LHCA Board of Directors during the swim team season of approximately February to August of each year.

d. It is also responsible for complying with the regulations set forth by The Austin Hills Swim League.

e. Non-LHCA members limited to the areas around River Hills Road and Cuernavaca Drive may be members of the swim team using LHCA property restricted to swim team activities only.

f. Members of LHCA will have priority over non-members when their cap is reached, provided a Waiver of Liability be required for all non-LHCA members.

ii. Along-term planning committee shall consist of former board members and others who the Board determines who shall periodically report to the Board upon such matters as from time to time delegated to them by the Board.


1. Members of the Board shall be elected at an annual meeting of the Association.The board may offer membership incentives for attending the annual meeting.

2. Elections shall be by secret ballot.

3. The President shall appoint a nominating committee to present a slate of nominees who are voting members for vacant positions on the board.

4. Any member attending the annual meeting may nominate a voting member for election to the Board providing the person nominated is agreeable to such nomination.

5. Vacancies shall be filled by nominees receiving the most votes; in case of a tie for the last position, an immediate runoff will be conducted to break the tie.


1. The annual meeting shall be the THIRD Sunday in October at 2:00 p.m. in the Lake Hills Community Association clubhouse.

2. The Secretary shall inform the membership of the time and place of the meeting at least two weeks in advance of the date and such notice shall include the agenda items for such annual meeting.  All Bylaw change proposals shall be made public in the following ways:
a) posted at the LHCA clubhouse
b) emailed to members
c) posted at two area convenience stores, (if allowed)
d) posted on the LHCA Website

3. The Annual Meeting agenda shall always include election of new Board members and such other business as the Board shall bring before it. Thereafter, such other business as placed on the agenda will be heard. Following the completion of the agenda items, other business from the floor may be heard.

4. A special meeting of the Association can be called by a majority of the Board or by a petition of 20 voting members, for a specific purpose. Notice of at least two weeks must be given by the Secretary, according to Item 2 of this Article,and only items specified as the purpose(s) shall be acted upon.

5. The Board shall meet when the President deems necessary but no less frequently than once per month.

6. A quorum of the Board shall consist of 5 members.

7. Board members may attend LHCA monthly meetings by teleconference.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the LHCA may adopt.


1. The Lake Hills Community Association shall be a non-profit organization with no part of any net earnings to benefit any member of the Board.

2. The Lake Hills Community Association Board of Directors shall adhere to a Disclosure of Interest policy, to prevent self-dealing, that will be signed and agreed upon at the November meeting of a newly seated Board. The policy document will be available on the LHCA web site and upon request to members.

3. All money accrued from dues paid by Lake Hills Community Association members must be used for the improvement and general welfare of the community as determined by the Board.

4. The Board is prohibited from mortgaging or selling any real property of the Association.

5. The Board has the power to hold responsible any and all persons who damage any Association property, owned or leased, and to collect payment for such damages.

6. The fiscal year for the Association shall be from January 1 through December 31.

7. Board members may be reimbursed by the LHCA for verifiable personal expenses related to the conduct of LHCA business. Board approval will be needed for expenses of $100 or more per invoice.

8. The Board shall undertake policies to prevent registered sex offenders from accessing the park.

9. When the board approves money to be used for an LHCA event, the event coordinator will submit to the board a written financial statement accounting for all monies (both profit and loss) at the next regularly scheduled board meeting after completion of the project/event, but not to exceed 30 days.


1. Any amendment to these bylaws shall be adopted when approved by a 2/3 majority of voting members present at an annual or special meeting.


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