CuernySlam Registration Form and Rules

CuernySlam: LHCA’s Beach Volleyball Tournament

Saturday June 22nd, 2013


All Proceeds Benefit  the Lake Hills Community Association. (LHCA) General Fund


To Register your team for CuernySlam, please read the following information and fill out the registration form


Tournament Registration Rules and Fees

1.            Teams may be registered by any 2013 LHCA member in good standing.

2.            CuernySlam is open to all players, with the following team rules:

a.      4 player teams (no more, no less)

b.      Teams must be co-ed (at least one male and one female per team)

c.       Teams must include at least two (2) 2013 LHCA members in good standing

d.      Team captains must be 2013 LHCA members

e.      A player can play on only one tournament team

f.        Players must be at least 16 years old to participate in CuernySlam.

3.            The entry fee for CuernySlam is $100 per team. Registration fees can be paid in either cash or check (made out to “LHCA”). You can pay your registration fee day of the tournament, or in advance to any of the tournament organizers. Deadline to pay your Registration fee is before your teams’ first tournament match.
4.           Prize money:  First place team receives $200.  Second place team wins $100.  Third place team wins $40.

5.            The registration deadline for CuerneySlam is Thursday, June 20th, 5:00 PM.

6.            Although ideal, it is not required to have all players identified when registering your team. Final team rosters can be set any time prior to your team’s first match.

a.      Teams can replace registered players at any time prior to your first match.

b.      The team membership for a team’s first match will be their players for the remainder of the tournament.
         i.      Injury exception: In the event of injury, a team may replace a player, provided the team sill meets all requirements as outline in #2, above.

7.            CuernySlam will be a refereed tournament, with each team providing volunteers to referee the match immediately preceding its match. Teams which fail to show up to referee their assigned match without notifying the tournament organizers are subject to tournament disqualification.

8.            All team members must be at the court no later than 15 minutes prior to the designated time of the team’s match. Teams failing to show up on time are subject to forfeit their match.


Game Play rules

1.            CuernySlam will be played as a double-elimination tournament.  Opening round games and times will be determined by random draw

2.            All rounds except for the semi-finals and finals will be one game 'matches'.  Games are played to 25 points
3.            The semi-final and final matches will be 3 game matches.  Games 1 and 2 are played to 25 points.  Game 3, if needed, will be played to 15 points.
4.            A team has to win by 2 points (cap 30). If a match is tied at 30, the next point wins

5.            CuernySlam will use Rally scoring – point on each serve, a team does not have to score on a serve

6.            A Coin flip will determine which team serves first in the first game. The team winning the coin flip may choose to serve or pick which side of the court it wished to plan on.
7.            In the semi-finals and finals matchs, the team losing the first game will serve first in the following game.  Teams will change sides of the court after each game

6.            Serve must be rotated among all team members with each serve change.

7.            Teams may arrange their players in any formation they choose, but positions must be rotated with serve changes.
8.            No player may play any position again before he/she has played all of the other positions.

9.            If a player hits the net while in the process of hitting the ball, the play is over and the point/change is given to the opposing team. All net calls are at the discretion of the game referee(s).

10.            A ball hitting the boundary tape is considered in bounds. All in/out of bounds calls are at the discretion of the game referee(s).

11.            Referee(s) for each game will be made up of other tournament players. All referee decisions are final. Any teams which overly questions Referee decisions will be subject to being ejected from the tournament

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